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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
05:39:06  Athens

I reside in the United States. How do I create a power of attorney for someone in Greece?

There are two ways in which to create a power of attorney that will be valid in Greece. First, you can request a power of attorney from your local consulate. They will create a Greek document that you will have to sign in person at their offices. The second way is to create a power of attorney (in Greek) that is notarized by a certified notary in your home state. Then, the document must receive a “Hague Stamp” otherwise known as an “Apostille” in order for the power of attorney to receive public document privileges in Greece. The stamp can be acquired at your near Department of State office. Either of these avenues will produce a power of attorney that will be valid and enforceable in Greece. Remember, you should only give these powers to a person(s) of trust. Also, make sure you only give powers for what is needed to be done and nothing more.

I am a foreign national, not of Greek decent. Am I legally allowed to purchase property in Greece?

Greece adheres to all European legislation regarding this issue. Yes, you are able to purchase property in Greece. The only requirement is that you also file with the local tax authorities and declare any income that you may receive from such properties.

Is there property tax in Greece?

The property taxes in Greece are extremely low thereby aiding to the economic maintenance of properties in the long run. The formula that the ministry of tax uses to calculate the tax is very complicated. However, for an average 200 sq. meter apartment in Athens that is 20 years old and located in a middle-class neighborhood the annual property tax is less than €50. Property tax is not to be confused with transfer, inheritance or other taxes.

What are the basic forms of wills in Greece?

There are three types of wills in Greece: handwritten, public and secret. The handwritten will must be created by the person making the disposition, in his/her own handwriting, signed and dated. It should be completed in Greek. Public wills are completed at Greek notaries, certified and notarized. Three witnesses are needed. The third will is the secret will. This is also done at a notary and the will is once again created by the person making the disposition. A copy must be turned over to the notary in a signed and sealed envelope. The notary then provides a certification that the will was turned over to them. Witnesses are also needed.

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